Welcome to ZhuSuan

ZhuSuan is a python library for Bayesian Deep Learning, built upon Tensorflow. Unlike existing deep learning libraries, which are mainly designed for supervised tasks, ZhuSuan is featured for its deep root into Bayesian Inference, thus supporting various kinds of generative models: both the traditional hierarchical Bayesian models and recent deep generative models.

With ZhuSuan, users can enjoy powerful fitting and multi-GPU training of deep learning, while at the same time they can use generative models to model the complex world, exploit unlabeled data and deal with uncertainty by performing principled Bayesian inference.


ZhuSuan is still under development. Before the first stable release (1.0), please clone the GitHub repository and run

pip install .

in the main directory. This will install ZhuSuan and its dependencies automatically. ZhuSuan also requires Tensorflow version 1.0 or later. Because users should choose whether to install the cpu or gpu version of Tensorflow, we do not include it in the dependencies. See Installing Tensorflow.

If you are developing ZhuSuan, you may want to install in an “editable” or “develop” mode. Please refer to the Contribution section in README.

After installation, open your python console and type:

>>> import zhusuan as zs

If no error occurs, you’ve successfully installed ZhuSuan.

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